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Our approach to everything:

The ENGIE Distributed Solar team is very proactive, focused and transparent. I have numerous projects underway at a time so their diligence frees me from having to constantly check-in and monitor progress.

Our motto is simple and it’s who we are: “Humble, Hungry, Smart.” It speaks to the energy, the attitude and the talent we bring to every day, every job and every solar solution we deliver.

It means we listen to our clients, and put their needs and interests front and center. It means we staff and manage every project with a level of care, attention and expertise that ensures ongoing, long-term success. And it means we are always on the lookout for new opportunities for our clients, ensuring their energy investments deliver returns year after year.

What Does It Mean?

Humble: When you are humble, you listen to your customers. You put genuine care into evaluating their needs. You take their concerns seriously. Arrogance — the assumption you can do no wrong and have all the answers — has no place in customer service and no place at ENGIE. We let humility and accountability shape our work.

Hungry: Growing our business is important to ENGIE. It’s why we put unrelenting effort into developing solar energy opportunities that align with our clients’ energy needs and financial goals. We are always on the lookout for opportunities for our clients, minimizing their workloads and maximizing the efficiencies they gain from solar energy.

Smart: In the construction industry, there is no law of averages. Everything has to be flawless. That’s why we recruit and employ a team of brilliant policy experts and meticulous project managers, and we work with our affiliate ENGIE North America Inc. and other third party licensed engineers. Their skills and experience ensure that every minute detail of a project is carefully executed. For this reason, we are always recruiting the best and brightest people.

Our areas of focus

With hundreds of installations across the U.S., ENGIE Distributed Solar and its partners have the experience to provide customer offerings in a wide variety of sectors with energy cost savings and carbon reduction metrics that are more valuable than ever. At the same time, our projects offer real, demonstrable benefits at the community level, including local jobs and economic development.
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