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Customer Bill of Rights

ENGIE Distributed Solar has developed a Customer Bill of Rights to ensure that our clients’ highest standards of customer service are met as we plan, develop and execute solar solutions.

The ENGIE team is very proactive, focused and transparent. I have numerous projects underway at a time so their diligence frees me from having to constantly check-in and monitor progress.

As our solar energy customer, you have the right to:

  • Hold ENGIE and its partners accountable for the highest level of safety standards
  • Expect timely responsiveness to all of your inquiries
  • Enjoy full transparency at every stage of your projects’ lives
  • Negotiate simple documents with a reasonable counterparty
  • Be treated as we would want to be treated
  • Be appropriately educated on solar and energy technologies, financing and incentives
  • Speak with anyone in our organization who can best address your energy needs
  • Receive immediate resolution to any issues or concerns that arise